Services We Provide

Portraits - On Location

We can photograph you, your family, friends, collegues, and anyone else who would like a professional portrait.  Choose any background you like, or we can bring our own 10-foot wide backgrounds.

Pet Photos - Any Pet

We love to photograph dogs and cats, bunnies, horses, and other common pets,  but it doesn't stop there.  We also specialize in photographing birds. No pet is too large or small for us.


We can cover small weddings ourselves and we are happy to arrange additional help to cover larger events.  Because we own our business, we are able to give you extreme flexibility in what we offer.  You name it and we'll make it happen.


You name the place and we'll be there to cover your event.  We offer a photojournalistic style that focuses on recording the mood and meaning of the event.  We happily photograph softball games, company parties, birthday parties, news events, lunar eclipses, and any other event you would like to record.

Nature Photography

We are nature lovers and we can photograph most anything in the natural world.

Landscape Photography

We have the skills and the equipment to create a high-quality landscape photograph for brochures, handouts, posters, and banners.

Other Photography

We can provide you with a professional photographer for any task required.  Just ask.


We can print on a number of media formats that most commercial printers cannot offer, including canvas, exhibition fiber, cotton rag, metallic pearl, and posterboard.  Since most of our printing is done in-house, we can ensure the highest quality printing and color reproduction.  And, if you live near Sugar Grove, you can arrange to pick up your order to avoid shipping charges.

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